5 Detox Programs in One Course!

· Want more energy for your busy and demanding life
· Find yourself dragging at 3:00 PM and use sugar and caffeine to make it through the day
· Experience belly bloat after eating
· Feel tired all the time even though you’re working out and eating right
· Work out a ton and still don’t get the results you expect
· Want to hit the reset button on your metabolism so your body becomes a fat burning machine
· Get breakouts on your face, shoulders and back even though you thought you were done with acne

If you’re eating right and exercising, but still not losing the weight – it’s likely your body needs a detox! Detoxes are so important in our busy and over-scheduled lives. Let’s face it – we live in a polluted world, and even if we’re eating the best foods and drinking the best quality water, we’re still exposed to toxins in the environment all around us. Even more, many of us are eating foods that are filled with chemicals, artificial substances and pollutants, and it’s more than our bodies can handle.

If you’ve been gaining and losing the same weight over and over for the last few years, a whole-foods detox can break that cycle and help you lose the weight for good.

When our bodies become overloaded with toxins, our systems get clogged up and end up storing the excess toxins in our fat cells. When our fat cells get filled with toxins, they can’t get burned off, and even worse: we tend to store MORE fat! A detox is the only way to release those toxins from your fat cells and allows the fat to finally burn away.

Here’s what’s included in the Seasonal Detox for Beginners:

· A 5 day whole foods based detox for each season, including a bonus quarantine detox, with tons of support and guidance from me, a certified holistic health and expert detox coach – I’m not going to let you slip between the cracks or hide out
· A complete daily protocol with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when to do it
· Recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with snack and sweet treat recipes – you won’t have to wonder whether a food is “okay” – I’ll spell it all out for you
· Guidance on which foods you need to buy organic and which you don’t (this will help you SAVE MONEY)
· Access to a supportive Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with me and other individuals on their health and wellness journeys. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Recorded Intro from the Summer Detox 2020 Program

    • Gentle Yoga

  • 2

    Contact Information

    • Contact Information

    • Banyan Botanicals

    • Disclaimer

  • 3

    Detox Handbook

    • Seasonal Detox for Beginners Handbook

  • 4

    Spring Detox

    • Spring Shopping List

    • Spring Detox Recipes

  • 5

    Summer Detox

    • Summer Shopping List

    • Summer Detox Recipes

  • 6

    Fall Detox

    • Fall Shopping List

    • Fall Detox Recipes

  • 7

    Winter Detox

    • Winter Shopping List

    • Winter Detox Recipes

  • 8

    Bonus: Quarantine Kitchen Detox

    • Quarantine Detox Shopping List

    • Quarantine Detox Recipes

  • 9

    End of Detox

    • End of Detox Video recorded Summer 2020

About the instructor


Shelly Werts

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