I am so happy you are here!  Trying to change your habits and start a weight loss routine can feel very overwhelming.  I want you to know that I am here to support you and guide you through this journey, every step of the way.   

As a Health Coach, I help women and men implement simple changes that can significantly improve their health.  And we do this together, in the real world - no pie in the sky perfection here!  I am going to share some of my very favorite and most beneficial tips, tools, and strategies that you can use to improve your health.

If you are like most, you probably have lots going through your mind.What should you eat?  What shouldn't you eat?  How difficult will this be?  What kind of lifestyle changes will you need to make?  There's certainly a lot to consider.  

The good news is that I have done a lot of that for you.  This program and all the extra resources I have for you will break this down into manageable, doable steps.  And as your Health Coach, I will help you manage these changes, step by step.  You can reach me through our website www.lotuscounselwellness.com 

So take a deep breath and know that you are not alone in this.

Let's get started!

Big Hugs,


Course Curriculum

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    • Welcome!

    • Contact Information

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    • Disclaimer

  • 3

    Weight Loss Weekly Checklist

    • Week 1

    • Week 2

    • Week 3

    • Week 4

    • Week 5

    • Week 6

  • 4

    Weight Loss Guide

    • The Importance of Healthy Weight

    • Symptoms of Being Overweight

    • 6 Steps to Lose Weight

    • Lifestyle Shifts

    • Foods to Eat

    • Foods to Avoid

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    • Example Meal Planner

    • Weight Loss Recipe Guide

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    • Congratulations!

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